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Senate committee holds hearing on death penalty repeal

The fathers of two murder victims testified Thursday in support of a bill that would repeal the death penalty in New Hampshire.

The House has already passed the measure, and the Senate is hearing testimony on the bill. A small crowd outside the Statehouse urged senators to pass the bill and repeal the death penalty.

The first to speak on the measure was the bill's sponsor, Rep. Renny Cushing, D-Hampton, whose father was murdered in 1988. He urged the Senate Judiciary Committee…


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Havenstein enters GOP race for governor

A new Republican challenger has emerged in the race for New Hampshire governor.

Alton Republican Walt Havenstein announced Wednesday that he will run for the Republican nomination to challenge Gov. Maggie Hassan. He joins Republican activist Andrew Hemingway in the race for the nomination.

"I think Mr. Havenstein is also going to be a very strong candidate," said state GOP Chairwoman Jennifer Horn. "He brings a tremendous amount of experience. He has deep roots here in New…


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Senate takes up ban on use of hand-held cell phones while driving

The Senate’s Transportation Committee is considering a bill already passed by the House that would ban the use of hand-held cell phones and other electronic devices while driving.

Those testifying in favor of the bill on Tuesday included victims of distracted driving and members of law enforcement.

Read the full article from NHPR and learn more from the …


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NH officials celebrate opening of Rochester aerospace plant

By Paul Briand

Gov. Maggie Hassan and members of New Hampshire’s congressional delegation celebrated the opening March 31 of a new aerospace manufacturing plant in Rochester and the estimated 500 jobs it will eventually create.

Gov. Hassan was the…


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Anti-gambling group fighting new NH casino bill

An anti-gambling coalition renewed its efforts Monday to block New Hampshire lawmakers from legalizing a casino.

Spokesmen for the Granite State Coalition Against Expanded Gambling and Casino Free New Hampshire told reporters at a Statehouse news conference that a Senate bill passed last week attempts to buy House votes by including $25 million in revenue sharing with communities.…


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Lawmakers consider ban on sex offender residency restrictions

New Hampshire lawmakers are considering whether to bar municipalities from limiting where the state's more than 2,500 registered sex offenders can live after recent court rulings said the restrictions are unconstitutional.

Read the full article from NHPR.

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Sen.Kelly Ayotte and Russia

By Ananta Gopalan

It is so predictable that our Republican senator from New Hampshire would immediately favor military aid and punishment of Russia because of its annexation of Crimea.  The US tax payers are unmercifully buffeted between the differing ideologies of the same progressive movement with uncontrolled spending, taxation and suffocating regulations, albeit for different reasons.  Sen. Ayotte goes on a fact-finding mission to Ukraine and immediately starts campaigning…


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March 29: Medicaid expansion signed into law

Calling it “the most significant measure in decades to strengthen the health of New Hampshire’s families and communities,” Gov. Maggie Hassan on Thursday signed the bill to extend Medicaid benefits to about 50,000 additional poor Granite Staters.

Hassan’s signing of SB 413 came just two days after the House voted to accept the bipartisan measure that had already passed the state…


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Obama should listen to Dylan Ratigan

By Gilbert Toperoff
Obama and all citizens should listen to this video of Dylan Ratigan's rant at:

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Live Free, but do we have a right to die? (346 responses; 3/10/14)

By Rob Levey

The notion that one has a right to live free or die is more than our state’s motto, but rather a fundamental principle woven into the very fabric of American ideology. A question that troubles many, however, is if terminally ill patients have a right to choose when and how they die with the assistance of a physician. For NH lawmakers, the answer is no, as the House recently rejected legislation that would have allowed doctors to prescribe life-ending medication to…


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Health care

By Edwinda Derry

I tried to sign up for health care online but was told I did not qualify. I  make 15.27 per hr and work randomly 30-32 hrs a week . My company offers health care but I felt it was  inadequate .Then I was redirected to other healthcare offers. I currently have aetna but the deductible is too high . The are alot of pop ups that make the site confusing. I know other people who have tried and was told they did not qualify. So they still dont have health insurance.…


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Gov. Hassan signs Medicaid expansion into law

New Hampshire officially expanded its Medicaid program Thursday to cover about 50,000 poor adults eligible for federal subsidies under the health care overhaul law.

Gov. Maggie Hassan signed a bill that will inject hundreds of millions of dollars in federal funds into the state's economy. New Hampshire had been one of six states that had not decided whether to expand Medicaid under the federal law.…


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I'm a Person

By Alice Wilcox
I heard that there is a vote to overturn the rule that says corporations are people. They are NOT. I'm a person! I'm an individual and I'm upset that big money has any "say" in my life. Please help me and many others by voting to overturn that ruling. I'm a registered voter and I ask you sincerely to help. Thank you.


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House kills bill to legalize marijuana

With a veto threat and likely death in the Senate, the House reversed itself Wednesday and voted 192-140 to kill a bill to legalize small amounts of marijuana for recreational use for people age 21 and older, and to tax it.

House Bill 492 was modeled after Colorado and Washington laws that were approved by referendum.

Read the full article from the Union Leader and learn more from…


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NH House sends Senate Medicaid plan to governor

New Hampshire's House voted Wednesday to expand Medicaid programs to cover an estimated 50,000 poor adults eligible for federal subsidies under the federal health care overhaul law.

The House voted 202-132 to send a bipartisan Senate plan to the governor that uses federal Medicaid funds to buy private health coverage for adults making less than 138 percent of the federal poverty limit, about $15,856 a year for a single adult.…


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Minuteman Health receives NH insurance license

New Hampshire will have a new option on the state health insurance market next year. The state Insurance Department announced yesterday it approved a license for Minuteman Health, a Massachusetts-based insurance cooperative, to sell coverage in the state for next year.

Read the full article from the Concord Monitor and learn more from the …


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NH House voting on plan to expand Medicaid to 50K

New Hampshire could soon join the states that have expanded their Medicaid programs to cover a group of poor adults eligible for federal subsidies under the health care overhaul law.

The House votes Tuesday on a bipartisan Senate plan to use federal Medicaid funds to buy private health coverage for an estimated 50,000 adults for the next two-and-a-half years.

Read the…


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HB1503 and political double talk

By Ananta Gopalan

New Hampshire is considering through HB 1503 stiffer penalties for the death of fetus as taking life away when the mother is harmed.  That means that the state agrees that a fetus is a human life.  It is about time that the state recognizes existence of a human life growing in a mother's womb.  That is about as natural as the sun rises in the East.

However, in abortion, that same fetus is considered just a conglomeration of cells and tissues and not…


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March 22: PAC money questioned in Senate race, firearms study tabled in House

Democrat Jeanne Shaheen took the offensive this week in her effort to retain her seat in the U.S. Senate against a likely campaign from Republican Scott Brown.

Shaheen badgered Brown on the issue of the so-called People’s Pledge to keep political action committee money out of their 2014 mid-term campaign that could help decide the balance of political power in the U.S. Senate.

While there are already three GOP candidates in the race (former state Sen. Jim Ruben, former U.S.…


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Higher ed study points to NH brain drain

By Paul Briand

A new study by the New Hampshire Center for Public Policy Studies puts numbers and statistical analysis to the growing problem of young, educated Granite Staters leaving the state.

This brain drain is one reason why the average age of New Hampshire keeps getting older and older. It also raises concerns about the state’s ability to provide not only the workforce to fill 21st century jobs but attract the young people necessary to raise families…


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