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State Senate legal counsel denies Democrats’ request for communications records

The legal counsel for the Republican-controlled state Senate declined Tuesday to turn over to the state Democratic Party individual lawmakers’ and legislative staffers’ emails, citing an opinion by the state attorney general.

Democratic Party Chairman Raymond Buckley last week submitted a right-to-know request to state Senate President Chuck Morse seeking “all communications records of yours, your staff or the Senator Leadership Office” with U.S. Sen. Kelly Ayotte, her official staff,…


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Little support in NH for federal Pregnant Workers Fairness Act (6/8/2015 - 215 citizens, 504 responses)

By Rob Levey

New Hampshire US Senators Jeanne Shaheen (D) and Kelly Ayotte (R) are cosponsoring the federal Pregnant Workers Fairness Act, which requires employers to make reasonable accommodations for pregnant employees. While employers currently may not discriminate against pregnant employees, they are also not required to temporarily modify jobs for them. On June 8, the Live Free or Die Alliance asked Facebook members, “Do you support the federal Pregnant Workers…


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Hassan signs bill increasing domestic violence prevention funding

Gov. Maggie Hassan has signed a new law to increase the state's marriage license fee by $5 and begin fining domestic violence offenders.

The money from both will go toward the state's domestic violence grant programs. 

Read the full article from WMUR.

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Gun Laws, Never Let A Tragedy Go To Waste

By Gordon Avery

What is it with this state, the whole country and gun laws? We have more laws on the books now then we know what to do with, and yet the stupid socialists liberals that have infected our country with their diseased mindset keep using every tragedy, what did they say, never let a tragedy go to waste, to destroy our way of life, our Constitution, our Bill of Rights, our uniqueness compared with every other country. They will not be satisfied until this country…


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Local and global environmental impact of organic waste in landfills

By Erin J Murphy

I work for a new company in Portsmouth NH, BioGreen360, that is addressing the commercial food waste issue directly.  We manufacture organic waste digestion units for commercial industries such as hospitals, schools, supermarkets etc.  The negative environmental impact food waste has on our carbon footprint is becoming a bigger and bigger problem and agencies, both in the US and Worldwide, are now setting up initiatives and bans to help reduce the harmful…


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NH lawmakers plan September return for veto votes

House Speaker Shawn Jasper said lawmakers should plan to return in September to vote on the various pieces of legislation Gov. Maggie Hassan has vetoed.

The House calendar sets a tentative "veto day" of Sept. 16. Jasper said lawmakers may return earlier if the state's budget issues are resolved. The Senate is likely to meet the same day.

Read the full article from…


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By Gabriel De La Hoz, PhD

At this time in America when our nation is being purposely driven to crash economically, financially, socially, and educationally among others, by this administration and the far left, thanks be to God for Mr. Donald Trump.  He is standing tall, with boldness and very courageously to denounce the current state of our country.

Others like current administration lies, hide behind these lies to either support America's trend of destruction by the…


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July 11: Hassan vetoes constitutional carry, signs capital budget

Gov. Maggie Hassan this week was busy with her pen - both signing and vetoing legislation.

Among the legislation she vetoed was a measure to allow licensed gun owners to carry concealed weapons without the need for an additional permit, so-called constitutional carry. Among the legislation she signed was the $126 million capital budget for the next biennium, as well as legislation giving immunity to those persons who call 911 in the event of a drug overdose.

Here’s the…


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Federal Camapign Finance Laws Are Unconstitutional

Federal Camapign Finance Laws Are Unconstitutional
The First Amendment did not define FREE PRESS it left the definition of a FREE PRESS to the states which defined FREE PRESS as every CITIZENS equal right to use TECHNOLOGY a PRINTING PRESS.  
A NEWSPAPER is a product of a free press not the definition of a FREE PRESS. Textbooks, hymnals, political handbills and magazines are also products of a FREE…

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Mr Trump's proposed approach to the Middle East.

     Do you agree that ignoring that part of the world invites another 9/11 style attack?

     During the time that I worked at your Grand Hyatt Hotel in NY, Then mayor Giuliani clamped down on a viriety of minor issues (Window washers, red light areas, etc).  From there, the major crimes decreased.  Your view of enforcing immigration, and (If I understand correctly) removing the "sanctuary" areas could well have the same result through the country.  Not feeding the Race baiting ogre,…


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Gov. Hassan signs NH capital budget into law

Gov. Maggie Hassan has signed into law a $271 million capital budget that includes money for 50 new beds at the state veterans' home for dementia care and for a new Merrimack County courthouse.

It doesn't include $4 million Hassan wanted for further study of a plan to bring commuter rail from Boston into Nashua and Manchester.

Read the full article from Seacoast…


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iran deal/trump get tough

Closing the straits of Hormuz will cut off Iranian oil exports and either force them into a deal on nukes, Trump the negotiater, or create a revolution in Iran. It will probably cause the price of our oil to rise and give us more drilling,Trump for jobs, and make the Donald the darling of all Alaskans. Give em hell

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the donald for president

The liberals and the media wants everyone to back Jeb Bush to be the nominee because they know Hillary would win against jeb. They fear all the other candidates. Especially Donald Trump!!! They hate to hear the truth about America's problems that is why political correctness was born. What this man says may sound harsh but it is the truth. And the truth hurts. That is why they call us names. I want a business man to run the country not another politician. Ex: obama care will fall under the… Continue

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Just check the prison inmates....ratios

The Donald may not be our next president but he is certainly right about illegals and the present administrations

lack of administering the laws we already have especially on immigration.  All one has to do is check the prison

population to find that there are many more latinos than other races compared to the overall population ratios.

The Obama administration released illegals in 2013 ( and more this…


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GOP wants records of Hassan's communication with Sen. Reid

The Republican State Committee wants Gov. Maggie Hassan to turn over records of communications with former U.S. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid.

Earlier this week, an article in Politico reported Reid called Hassan to urge her to run for the Senate, amid speculation she was more interested in running for re-election as governor.

Read the full article from the Union…


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National Democrats urge Hassan to jump into Senate race

As Harry Reid, the Senate’s Democratic leader, prepares to retire from Congress, he’s turning his attention to the handful of races next year that could sway control of the Senate.

And, according to a recent story in Politico, Reid has taken a particular interest in New Hampshire – specifically the question of whether Gov. Maggie Hassan will jump into the Senate race herself.…


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Term Limits

Limit term for both the Legistature and the Supreme Court.  

Further Congress cannot pass a law to which they are exempt.

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Say Again

Run Donald Run

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