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First, last and deposit too much for working families (781 responses; 1/25/15)

By Jacquelyn Benson

Should landlords be allowed to ask for last month's rent up front from potential renters? That's the question being considered this Wednesday as the House Judiciary Committee holds a hearing on HB 269. The bill would allow NH landlords to add last month's rent to the funds they are currently permitted to ask for in advance of renting. In the run-up to the debate, the Live Free or Die Alliance (LFDA) asked Facebook members to weigh in on the…


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Back-to-back storms take toll on NH budget

As of Friday, the state had dipped into more than 60 percent of the 45 million dollar snow budget.

Governor Maggie Hassan says they will make sure the money is there to keep everyone safe.

"All in all, we're keeping an eye on it. We try to make sure we're as efficient with these dollars as we can be. But we want everyone to be safe," Hassan said.

Read the full story from…


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$1 billion hit seen for electric ratepayers

New England ratepayers will soon be on the hook for a new transmission project that could cost as much as $1 billion when all costs are in, with two energy giants competing for the opportunity.

In an unusual move for the regulated utility business, one has guaranteed to get the project done within its bid price, or make up the difference.

Read the full article from the Union…


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Jan. 31: State digs out while Bradley digs in on guns

The state was preoccupied for most of the week with snow -- from a small storm last Saturday, a blizzard on Tuesday and Wednesday, and another small storm on Friday into Saturday. And, by the way, predictions are for more snow on Sunday.

The blizzard came with enough warning that Gov. Maggie Hassan declared a state of emergency in advance of its arrival Tuesday evening. She ordered state offices closed on Wednesday and, while not declaring a travel ban, encouraged people to keep…


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NH bill would remove license for concealed guns

People who can legally own a gun in New Hampshire would be able to carry their firearm out of sight without having to get a separate license under a bill proposed by three Republican lawmakers, putting a renewed focus on the state's power to regulate gun rights.

The sponsors of the so-called "constitutional carry" bill say it would make New Hampshire safer, but several police officers argued during a Thursday hearing that the change would make it easier for dangerous or unstable…


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House considering bill to create residency guidelines for voters

House lawmakers are considering a measure that aims to create guidelines for election officials to judge a voters domicile. And the secretary of state’s office supports the bill.

The fight over what should constitute domicile for voting purposes has been going on for years in New Hampshire, and it’s often focused status of college students.

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New Hampshire to receive $6.6M in grants for homeless

New Hampshire is getting more than $6.6 million in grants to support 68 homeless housing and service programs in the state.

The U.S. Housing and Urban Development grants cover street outreach, client assessment, and direct housing assistance.

Read the full article from Foster's Daily Democrat.

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Keep Guantanamo Open (277 responses; 1/14/2015)

By Jacquelyn Benson

After the Obama administration authorized the transfer of another group of detainees to facilities in countries such as Oman and Estonia in January 2015, New Hampshire's U.S. Rep. Kelly Ayotte joined a group of GOP legislators calling for legislation to make it tougher for the President to move or release Guantanamo prisoners.  In the wake of Ayotte's announcement, the Live Free or Die Alliance (LFDA) asked Facebook members to answer the question,…


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Do we need a law to ban dogs on driver laps? (1157 responses; 1/13/15)

By Jacquelyn Benson

Whether it's an unavoidable necessity or a preferred mode of travel, bringing a pet in the car is potentially a source of dangerous distraction for drivers. With Rep. Herbert Richardson (R-Lancaster) requesting a bill for the 2015 NH House session that would ban driving while holding an animal (HB 241-FN), the Live Free or Die Alliance (LFDA) asked Facebook members to weigh in on the question, "Should NH motorists be allowed to drive with an animal…


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By Deedee Perry

The police here in Fayetteville nc and threw out north Carolina is racist the blacks dosent have a chance in the system over charging us given us felonies even our youths to where we can't get a job or do nothing with our lifes there is no chances here nothing but military here the civilians are becoming extinct I sat in jail and watched a lot of white girls go free with multiple felony charges I did 3months for a misdemeanor & miss Halloween thanksgiving…


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Concord dispensary hopefuls withdraw medical marijuana application

Three parole officers who planned to seek a license to run one of four medical marijuana dispensaries in the state have pulled out of the application process.

The deadline to apply for a dispensary license is Wednesday.

Get the full story from NHPR and learn more from the…


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Probable Cause-NOT in New Hampshire!!!!!

By Jay Martin

Probable Cause- Please not here!!

Rep. Daniel Itse (r) Fremont introduced a bill that would bring the 4th Amendment Constitutional guarantee of probable cause to a suspected person before a policeman could arrest them…


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New Hampshire considers ban on drones for hunting

While several states have already outlawed the use of drones in hunting, New Hampshire may go further and ban so-called "smart rifles" and live-action game cameras as well.

The state Fish and Game Department is holding a public hearing Thursday on proposed rules involving hunting with the use of emerging technologies.

Read the full article from Seacoast Online.

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Jan. 24: State Legislature gets to work on 2015 session

The New Hampshire Legislature dominated news headlines this week as the Republican-led House and Senate considered a variety of measures, among them lowering business taxes and withdrawing from the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI).

No votes on legislation of note have occurred in these early stages of the new session, but various committee are starting to hear from proponents and opponents on various issues.

The Senate Ways and Means Committee heard two bills - …


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Common Sense

By Christine DeMey

There are many ppl in the states that dont realize that there is a workable Insurance other than Obamacare. It really amazes me that "intelligent" people dont seem to get how backwards the Democratic way is.Some have very old fashioned ways of blaming Republicans for stuff the flip floppers do or say.I am very interested in finding out what he is talking about. Gov. Walker keep up the excellent work!

Added by Christine DeMey on January 23, 2015 at 2:30pm — No Comments

Victim advocates, law enforcement testify against House bill

Domestic violence victim advocates and members of law enforcement testified Thursday against a bill they said would make it tougher to arrest abusers.

The bill's main sponsor said HB 207 makes some adjustments to current laws to ensure that people's rights aren't being violated.

Read the full article from WMUR.

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DHHS commissioner delivers warning on $82 million shortfall

New Hampshire's top health official warned lawmakers his department’s current budget has what amounts to an $82 million shortfall. The legislature’s fiscal committee meets Friday to consider a proposal by the Governor to balance the state budget by July.

As he briefed the house finance committee, Health and Human Services commissioner Nick Toumpas stressed what many lawmakers already know – that his department faces a tough balance sheet.…


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LFDA members nearly unanimous in critique of reallocation of dedicated funds (153 responses; 1/8/15)

By Rob Levey

Several times during the course of New Hampshire’s history, lawmakers have used money from “dedicated funds” to shore up budget deficits, which is a practice nearly all Live Free or Die Alliance (LFDA) Facebook members do not support. In fact, 99 percent of individuals who answered the question responded negatively when asked if lawmakers should sometimes use money raised for a specific purpose to balance the rest of the state budget. In total,…


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Majority of LFDA Members say “No” to Eminent Domain (287 responses; 1/6/15)

By Rob Levey

With Kinder Morgan, the largest energy infrastructure company in North America, planning a gas pipeline route through southern New Hampshire, some landowners are concerned about the company taking their land. In response, Rep. Jim Belanger (R-Hollis) is sponsoring two bills to counter eminent domain, which is a move supported by an overwhelming majority of Live Free or Die Alliance (LFDA) Facebook members.


In response to the…


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Shaheen and Ayotte react to State of Union

New Hampshire's U.S. senators -- Democrat Jeanne Shaheen and Republican Kelly Ayotte -- reacted to President Barack Obama's State of the Union speech on Tuesday night.

Ayotte, while hitting a note of bipartisanship, expressed disappointment that Obama proposed "more tax increases to pay for more government spending."

Shaheen also cited the need for bipartisanship, saying, “We should all be encouraged by many of the proposals unveiled this evening that will promote…


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