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Governor Hassan centers campaign on bipartisanship

Democratic Gov. Maggie Hassan saw many of her legislative priorities come to fruition during her first term in office, but none without support from the Republican-led state Senate.

Serving as governor after the divisive 2010-2011 legislative session, Hassan is now making bipartisan success a key piece of her re-election message as her Nov. 4 showdown with Republican businessman Walt Havenstein approaches.…


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Sept. 27: Candidates jostle as campaigns seek momentum

With the mid-term election still several weeks away, candidates sought this week to distinguish themselves and disparage each other in ads, press releases and face-to-face meetings.

Campaigns being watched most closely in New Hampshire are for governor, U.S. Senate, and the two U.S. House seats in the 1st and 2nd congressional districts.

In the campaign for governor between incumbent Democrat Maggie Hassan and Republican challenger Walt Havenstein it was a war of words this…


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Replace strip searches with full body scanners

By Stephen Perry

Strip searches should be replaced with a far more humane practice of using full body scanners. Full body scanners can pick up any hidden objects including drugs that have been put in a bag and swallowed. They would be far more effective and would allow people to keep their dignity.

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Hassan, Havenstein attack each other in ads

The campaigns of Gov. Maggie Hassan and Republican challenger Walt Havenstein have launched attacks over the airwaves, and each side is challenging the ads' accuracy.

Havenstein continues to target the governor on economic issues. His campaign's ad challenges Hassan's claim that New Hampshire became the fastest-growing state in the nation for exports in 2013.…


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Immigration Reform

By Rich Magoon

Immigration Reform is like eating an elephant, its best leaving it alone. We have a system that appear to work, abet poorly. 

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Lawmaker: Ban on tweeting ballots violates free speech

It's now illegal in New Hampshire to take a picture of a completed election ballot and post it on social media, but that didn't stop one state representative from doing it anyway.

Rep. Leon Rideout, R-Lancaster, said he knew it was illegal to tweet out a picture of his primary ballot two weeks ago. But he said the new law violates his free speech rights.…


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Hassan campaign attacks opponent's business record

A $12 million settlement is fodder for the latest attack by New Hampshire Democrats against Republican gubernatorial candidate Walt Havenstein's leadership of a defense contracting company.

Science Applications International Corporation, where Havenstein was chief executive officer, faced a lawsuit in 2012 alleging the company defrauded the federal government by submitting false price estimates for a contract in New Mexico.…


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Hillary Clinton to attend event for NH state senator

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will raise campaign money for New Hampshire state Senator Lou D'Allesandro.

D'Allesandro represents Goffstown and parts of Manchester and is seeking his ninth term in the state Senate.

Clinton will attend a fundraiser on Sept. 30 hosted by former Massachusetts state Sen. Steve Baddour at his law firm in Washington, D.C., to benefit D'Allesandro.…


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NH law prohibits displaying votes on social media

Lawmakers this year made it a violation to take a photo of a marked ballot and display it on Facebook or other social media.

House Bill 366 added the social media provision to a statute that has been in place for more than a century prohibiting a voter from showing a completed ballot to anyone with the intention of showing how the person voted.

Read the full article from…


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Bernie Sanders for President

By Laurie Riley

I have been searching for a canidate for the 2016 election and would like to  start beginning to campaign for him as soon as possible to give him a serious chance to win.  I am located in Denver and sadly do not have a large amount of money, but do believe if we organize now and start a grass roots program we have a chance.  I at one time I supported Clinton, but the more she has spoken on the issues, the Middle East, the Economy and on Women's rights to  name…


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Sept. 20: Hassan’s vetoes sustained

The state Legislature this week got down to the business of dealing with Gov. Maggie Hassan’s veto of bills from the 2014 session. The House and Senate upheld all four of her vetoes.

Here is the legislation that the governor had vetoed:

  • SB 391 -- an act relative to the juvenile justice advisory board, the policies and procedures of the youth development center and a reduction in…

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Please End War in Other Countries; ISIS, Syria, Iraq & Don't Send our Troops to Africa!

By Lea Bryant

This is a letter to you Mr. President, we cannot start a war in other countries and then sanction Russia for them entering Ukraine.  That is totally wrong and a double standard and these countries are getting sick of it!  I worry that this ISIS war will start and ignite the WWIII with Russia & China and possibly other countries coming against our country leaving us totally Powerless.

I hope and pray that you make the right decision Mr. President and pull…


Added by Lea Bryant on September 19, 2014 at 1:00am — 2 Comments

Poverty rate falls in New Hampshire

There were about 17,000 fewer people living in poverty in New Hampshire in 2013 compared to the year before, according to new data released by the U.S. Census Bureau.

The 1.3 percent decline from about 128,500 people in poverty in 2012 to roughly 111,500 last year is the second-sharpest drop in the nation, trailing only Wyoming's 1.7 percent decrease.

Read the full article from…


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House unable to override veto of workplace bullying law

Lawmakers in Concord on Wednesday were unable to override the veto of a bill that dealt with the bullying of state workers.

The proposed law called for the adoption of a police to deal with workplace harassment among the state's 11,000 workers, but opponents argued it would open the door to lawsuits the state can't afford.

Read the full article from…


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NH unemployment rate unchanged since April at 4.4 percent

The New Hampshire Employment Security office said the state's unemployment rate still hasn't changed since April, registering at 4.4 percent for August.

In August 2013, the seasonally adjusted rate for New Hampshire was 5.3 percent.

Read the full article from WMUR.

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Senate fails to override Hassan veto of juvenile justice bill

The NH Senate has upheld Gov. Maggie Hassan’s veto of Senate Bill 391, which sought to change the state’s juvenile justice system.

The 12-9 vote fell along party lines and was two votes shy of the 2/3rd margin needed to override.

Read the full article from NHPR.

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Hot spotlight put on NH domestic violence

As the country debates how best to prevent and stop domestic violence, New Hampshire experts say they hope a new law here will make life safer for victims.

And advocates say they also hope the national conversation sparked by a video showing Baltimore Ravens star Ray Rice knocking out his future wife in a hotel elevator will lead to real changes, not just within the National Football League but in the broader society.…


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Americans For Prosperity (Republican or Not)

By Jim Webb

Will this post even make it to the internet ?

I am Jim Webb (Republican) from Derry NH .

I ask (Tom Thompson) to really think about AFP and their agenda, I am running for my third term in the house. I have been a good solid Republican candidate (That Wins) . AFP has attacked me with false attack adds that are full of lies, they claimed I voted for Obama Care and tax increases these accusations are not…


Added by Jim Webb on September 13, 2014 at 12:30pm — 4 Comments

Sept. 13: Tuesday’s primary sets stage for November final

Republican voters in Tuesday’s primary selected their slate of statewide candidates in November’s final election: Walt Havenstein for governor, Scott Brown for U.S. Senate, Frank Guinta for 1st Congressional District, and Marilinda Garcia for 2nd CD.

They’ll face the Democratic incumbents who were largely unopposed in Tuesday’s primary:  Maggie Hassan for governor, Jeanne Shaheen for U.S. Senate, Carol Shea-Porter for 1st CD, and Ann Kuster for 2nd CD.

As LFDA editor Paul…


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PLEASE change parties

I love you man, and all you stand for, but you need to change parties or go independent.  I can not for a Republican.  Please change parties or my vote has to go to Hillary (unfortunately).


Retired USMC

Anthony Freudig

Added by Anthony Freud on September 12, 2014 at 9:23am — No Comments

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