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Executive Council rejects Planned Parenthood funding

New Hampshire's Republican-led Executive Council rejected $639,000 in state funding for Planned Parenthood along party lines Wednesday amid a renewed national debate over whether the organization should receive public money.

"Voting against this contract is not going to stop one single abortion in New Hampshire, but it is going to stop thousands of people from accessing quality, affordable health care," Democratic Councilor Chris Pappas said.…


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Funding for NH Planned Parenthood on the table

The Executive Council will vote Wednesday on whether to renew contracts with several family planning centers, including Planned Parenthood, for another two years.

The two contracts come to $600,000, which is a little more than half the total family planning contracts.

Read the full article from NHPR and learn more from the…


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Hassan, Shaheen, judges, police gather to discuss heroin issue in NH

Gov. Maggie Hassan and Sen. Jeanne Shaheen said Monday that everyone needs to put partisan politics aside to tackle New Hampshire's heroin problem.

Hassan and Shaheen, along with judges, lawyers and law enforcement officers, met in a Laconia courtroom Monday morning to talk about the heroin epidemic.

Read the full article from…


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Trump stands out in a NH forum he chose not to attend

By Paul Briand

The real challenge for 14 Republican candidates for president in this evening’s Voters First Presidential Forum in Manchester was how to break from the crowd.

No one at the forum succeeded.

In fact, by virtue of the fact that Donald…


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NH citizens oppose the Affordable Care Act (7/11/2015 - 190 citizens, 547 responses)

By Jacquelyn Benson

Since its passage in 2009, the Affordable Care Act (ACA) has been a source of continuing controversy, with detractors as staunch as its supporters. Most recently, the U.S. Supreme Court issued a ruling upholding the ACA’s ‘subsidies provision’, which allowed the federal government to provide nationwide tax subsidies to help poor and middle-class people buy health insurance. In light of the ruling, the Live Free or Die Alliance (LFDA) put the issue…


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Citizens oppose Iran nuclear deal (7/18/2015 - 174 citizens, 529 responses)

By Jacquelyn Benson

After months of intense negotiations, President Barak Obama announced a potential deal with Iran aimed at curbing the nation’s nuclear capability. Congress, including NH’s two U.S. Senators, was divided on the issue. On July 18, the Live Free or Die Alliance (LFDA) put the question to the public, asking Facebook members, “Do you support or oppose the proposed nuclear deal with Iran?”


A total of 83% of those participating in our open…


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NH citizens say let seniors fish for free (7/16/2015 – 206 citizens, 444 responses)

By Jacquelyn Benson

Earlier this month, the NH Fish and Game Department released a draft proposal for increased fees on hunting and fishing licenses. The proposal included eliminating free licenses for NH residents over the age of 68, instead charging them $10. The proposal is not yet official, and if made so, will be subject to a public comment period and hearing process. However, in light of the suggested change, the Live Free or Die Alliance (LFDA) put the issue to…


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New Hampshire officials suggests coastal desalination plant

A New Hampshire seacoast official says investing in a regional plant to convert seawater into drinking water could provide a limitless supply of clean water to communities from southern Maine to northern Massachusetts.

Read the full article from the Concord…


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Aug. 1: NH drug czar at center of addiction storm

New Hampshire is in the midst of a heroin addiction crisis.

Communities are wrestling with ways to combat the problem. This week, the city of Manchester held a community forum to discuss the problem. As Manchester Police Chief Nick Willard noted (in a Union Leader story): “There have been 47 deaths since Jan. 1,” Manchester’s chief Nick Willard said. “We’ve responded to more than 250…


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Baseball Cap :)


How do I get a baseball cap? I am a 2X combat Veteran. I am disabled, I want to support Mr. Trump. I am 47 years old and served 6 years in the U.S. Army. I will continue to support Mr. Trump as well as reaction out to my other Veteran Brothers and Sisters in support of his campaign.

I like the hotline he created for Veterans, I used it and only had to wait about a minute to get a representative. They were very courteous and informative.



Added by Thomas Watlington on July 31, 2015 at 10:35am — No Comments

Report: Democracy in NH gets failing grades

New Hampshire’s democracy just brought home its report card -– and it’s full of D’s and F’s, according to a report released Thursday by Open Democracy, a New Hampshire organization working to reduce the influence of money in politics.

The 40-page report compiled over the past nine months grades the status of New Hampshire’s democracy in six categories.…


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Fix the short fall in social secruity by bring in mor legal and illegal immigration duh really?

The government...the abstract government, the government in DC, all knowing all wise has proffered the notion that the fix for the social security short fall soon to hit us as a direct result of the "Baby Boomer," generation retiring by the thousands is moronic and foolish and totally ignores the problems created by the government itself. 1st was the taking of the monies from the Social Security Fund long ago and spending it on other wasteful governmental programs. 2nd was the expansion of…


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Establishment Politicians have failed us time for term limits!

By Richard Jones

I've always been shocked by the establishment politicians that run up our national debt and ruin our economy and then retire on fat pensions funded by WE THE People...the same people they ignore while they exempt themselves from their own d…


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Trump Slogan

"Want to make America great again? Play the Trump card. I'm going to!"


Shelby Township, Michigan

Added by Ron Tocco on July 30, 2015 at 11:42am — No Comments

donald trump new slogan


How about this?


“Tired of useless and corrupt politicians? Play the TRUMP card. I'm going to!”

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Lawmakers approve continued funding for drug czar

Lawmakers are allowing the state's drug czar to stay on the job for the next six months, despite questions over whether he is effectively combating the state's heroin and prescription drug abuse problems.

Gov. Maggie Hassan hired Jack Wozmak as her senior director of substance abuse and behavioral health in January, paid for with grant money from the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation.…


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A Republic not a Democracy

By Kurt F. Wuelper

 We should remember we have  (and are guaranteed by our Federal Constitution ) a Republic form of government, especially as opposed to a Democracy

The Center for American Progress report on how democracy is doing in NH presumes allowing 16 or 17 year-Olds to…


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Amid criticism, funding for NH 'drug czar' up for debate

Efforts to combat New Hampshire's heroin and opioid abuse problems have become embroiled in the budget battle between Democratic Gov. Maggie Hassan and Republican lawmakers.

The debate will play out Wednesday when a legislative committee must decide whether to accept $112,500 in grant money to continue paying Hassan's senior director for substance misuse and behavioral health, known as the "drug czar."…


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This is a time to pivot....I see you have established your lead over the other hapless guys.... good but I would like to see you attack the real cause of our problems and demise of our country.....OBAMA and his idiot followers! Yeah, and most American's know it most American's are upset about what Obama and the liberal Dem's have done and are doing to our country, you know this and I know you know it. You can draw the so called Reagan democrats to your fold by attacking Obama and bury the…


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NH marriage fees, domestic violence fines to raise grant money

A bill sponsored by state Rep. Renny Cushing to increase the state’s marriage license fee by $5 and begin fining domestic violence offenders is now law.

Gov. Maggie Hassan signed the bill into law last week. The money generated from both increases will go toward the state’s domestic violence grant programs.

Read the full article from Seacoast Online.

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