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Any budget plan means service cuts

With a divided Republican majority, House Speaker Shawn Jasper of Hudson and his leadership team have the difficult task of convincing his party members that the budget is lean enough - with only a few fee increases - to approve.

Republican leaders complained that the Finance Committee's proposal has gotten a bad rap, with Democrats tweeting about devastating cuts to services and downshifting costs to local property taxpayers.…


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March 28: NH House in budget turmoil

It sounds like a case of robbing Peter to pay Paul: Republican budget writers in the N.H. House recommend this week taking money slated for the University System of New Hampshire and renewable energy projects and using them to fund the N.H. Department of Transportation.

It is the second budget outline to come out of the House Finance Committee this week. The first version earlier this week was rejected by the House because it proposed to offset NH DOT cuts with a hike in the gas…


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More Freedom Less Taxes Less Dependency On Oil

By Scott Gibboney

More Freedom Less Taxes Less Dependency On Oil

There Is No Perfect Plan But Possibly…


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LFDA members say no to additional hotel and motel occupancy fees (496 responses; 3/4/15)

By Rob Levey

Sen Martha Fuller Clark (D – S21) is the prime sponsor of SB 253, a bill that would allow municipalities to assess hotel and motel occupancy fees of up to $1.00 per night to offset the cost of municipal services. It is not a bill, however, with which many Live Free or Die Alliance (LFDA) Facebook members expressed support when asked, “Do you agree that NH municipalities should be allowed to add a maximum $1 fee to hotel room charges?”




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Where does the public stand on proposed DHHS cuts? (556 citizen responses; 3/18/15)

By Jacquelyn Benson

Citing lower revenue estimates than those cited in Gov. Maggie Hassan’s budget proposal, the House Finance Committee proposed reducing funding for the Department of Health and Human Services by approximately $180 million. Proponents of the cuts argued they were necessary to balance the budget without relying on new revenue sources, but opponents countered that the effects of the cuts could prove devastating to the state’s most vulnerable…


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Do “good neighbor” agreements make for bad neighbors? (285 responses; 3/19/15)

By Jacquelyn Benson

When renewable energy company Granite Reliable Power proposed a wind power operation in Millsfield, NH, the company quietly negotiated ‘good neighbor’ agreements with several property owners, agreeing to compensate them for increases in property taxes caused by the wind farm. Such agreements have recently come under fire, with opponents arguing that they are effectively a form of ‘buying the silence’ of community members, making it difficult for…


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By B Snyder What is going on in this country or at least whats left of the American way. President/dictator obama has pretty much completely side stepped congress and the senate and continues to do s…

By B Snyder

What is going on in this country or at least whats left of the American way. President/dictator obama has pretty much completely side stepped congress and the senate and continues to do so on a whim with little opposition. I feel Mr. Cruz is one of the few that have the brains and guts to question and oppose obamas ridiculous executive actions/orders. Unfortunately thats not enough and i want to know why, where is the voice of the people of this country. Doesnt feel…


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House budget plan cuts university, energy-efficiency spending

The battle over the state budget entered a new round Thursday as the House Finance Committee passed a spending plan that does away with many of the proposed cuts to the Department of Transportation at the expense of the university system.

The proposal also makes cuts to a program meant to make the state more energy efficient.

Read the full article…


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New Hampshire lawmakers honor students after raptor debacle

Lawmakers on Wednesday passed a resolution formally encouraging student participation in state government even as the legislators were being lampooned nationally for mocking what started as a civics lesson for fourth-graders.

The action in the House of Representatives follows the much-criticized and publicized debate over the students’ effort to name the red-tailed hawk the official state raptor.…


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Anti-bullying advocates oppose NH student privacy bill

A 14-year-old bullying victim joined parents and school officials Tuesday in opposing a bill aimed at protecting student privacy.

The bill would prohibit any public or private school in the state from requiring or requesting access to students' personal social media accounts. Supporters of the bill, including the New Hampshire Civil Liberties Union, argue that students have a right to personal, private lives outside of school and that accessing their accounts is an invasion of…


Added by LFDA Editor on March 24, 2015 at 9:23pm — 1 Comment

Social media pollution...

By Stephen J. Chen

Just wondering if anyone have problems with overwhelming American media posting most extreme and negative postings, I.E. Rapes, murder, pitted black against white, citing single incident on killings which we rarely seen or hear it often. Redundant political news where we can read from 10+ or more medias on Facebook everyday?? I view this latest social media movement is most negative and polluting our minds, especially for the mentally derange folks who are…


Added by Stephen J. Chen on March 24, 2015 at 4:00pm — 4 Comments

House budget writers approve cuts to Hassan's $11.5B plan

House budget writers began approving a budget bill Monday that eliminates Medicaid expansion, substantially changes school funding and does not give state employees a raise they recently negotiated with the governor's office.

The House Finance Committee will continue voting on changes to Democratic Gov. Maggie Hassan's budget Tuesday before sending the bill to the House floor next week.…


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Outrage over bill# 373 - Red Tailed Hawk for State Raptor

By Kelly Thomas

I am outraged but the comments made against bill# 373 by State Rep. Warren Groen.  Nothing like crow-barring abortion into everything.  This was a vile attempt to what?  Make these 4th graders pro-life?  It was clearly asinine whatever he was trying to do.    

I'd also like to add that our great country's symbol is the Bald Eagle; the Bald Eagle is a raptor.  This only further proves in my mind that Warren Groen is an idiot.

I hope…


Added by Kelly Thomas on March 23, 2015 at 12:30pm — 1 Comment

Utility debate turns to consumer protection

After hearing complaints that utility companies are hijacking the process used to approve controversial power projects, legislators are considering extending the time the public gets to have their say.

The deadline for adopting new rules for the state's Site Evaluation Committee is now likely to be moved back, from July 1 to Nov. 1.

Read the full article from the Union…


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Open Government

By State Senator Lou D’Allesandro

Open government is not owned by anyone but the people. When a citizen in my district chooses to speak his or her mind, that person can walk through the doors of the State House without being stopped or questioned and can walk directly into my office.  My door is always open.  As New Hampshire citizens, we believe this is right because we believe that the Capitol is the people’s house and that our job as legislators is to serve the people. I try…


Added by State Senator Lou D’Allesandro on March 22, 2015 at 1:30pm — 1 Comment

NOT Jeb!

If this man cared about America AT ALL. If he cared about the party AT ALL. He would NOT run. The people do NOT, will NOT, vote for another Bush. All he is doing is handing over the election to whomever runs against the party. This almost seems planned to doom the party, or this man is that stupid.

Added by mmmmm, mm on March 22, 2015 at 4:00am — 2 Comments

March 21: NH DOT faces ‘draconian’ cuts to budget

Republican budget writers in the New Hampshire House are prepared to remove $88 million from the proposed budget of the N.H. Department of Transportation, cuts Gov. Maggie Hassan described as “draconian.”

The House Finance Committee proposed the reduction in NH DOT’s spending as part of its consideration of the governor’s proposed two-year budget of about $11.6 billion.

Highway officials warned that such a cutback would mean massive layoffs of nearly 700 employees and the…


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LFDA members oppose eliminating SB2 deliberative sessions (67 responses; 3/10/15)

By Jacquelyn Benson

It's a complex issue that strikes at the heart of traditional NH politics: SB2, the provision that provided towns with the option of dividing the town meeting process into two steps. First, towns hold a deliberative session where warrant articles can be discussed and amended. Next, the articles are put on the ballot on election day. The deliberative session has been the subject of some controversy. While it most closely resembles the traditional town…


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Should NH Ban Smoking with Kids in Cars? (1241 responses; 3/3/15)

By Jacquelyn Benson

Is smoking in cars with minor children a crime, a parent's right, or simply a bad idea? That's the question raised by a bill currently being considered by the NH Senate (SB 162), which would make the practice a secondary offense, subject to a $100 fine. On March 3rd, the Live Free or Die Alliance (LFDA) put the question to its 50,000 Facebook members, sparking a passionate debate.


Answers to the question, "Do you support or oppose…


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Citizens weigh in on marriage license fee (719 responses; 3/9/15)

By Jacquelyn Benson

Hidden tax, or a valid way to support a worthy cause? That was the question raised by HB 681, a bill recently passed by the NH House that adds $5 to the state marriage license fee to provide additional support to the New Hampshire Coalition Against Domestic and Sexual Violence. On March 9, the Live Free or Die Alliance (LFDA) asked Facebook members to share their views on the issue.


In response to the question, "Should NH add $5 to…


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