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The current National Debt situation is in-excusable and we are all to blame, since it is not the government of the Republicans, Democrats or politicians, but the government of the people.


With the August 2nd debt ceiling approaching our national economic fate is in the hands of those we have allowed to represent us.  Our votes have long since been cast, but our voices should not be silent.  Fortunately, a group of six Senators (know as the Gang of Six) three Republican and three Democrats have put forth a rational plan that cuts spending and raises revenues.  


Please read up on what this group is proposing and be as loud as you can in letting everyone you know (your representatives, friends, family, blogs….) or can communicate with that you support this bipartisan approach.  Call people, make signs, e-mail, write more editorials, do anything that says you support a rational approach to attacking our national debt.


I learned about the Gang of Six, from the group called No Labels, who is actively working to support rational, civil and bipartisan approaches to address our many national challenges.  Personally I am working to build activities that help us do a better job managing our government.

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Comment by Robert M. Collinsworth on July 22, 2011 at 7:46am

According to an article titled “Congress seeks debt result, Obama goes to public“. Written by Jim Kuhnhenn, and published by the AP on Sunday, July 17, 2011, politics is once again taking priority over the needs of the country.

Both sides of the political aisle are busy putting on a show for the public while nothing is accomplished other than each politician at the table trying to upstage the others. It appears that neither the Democratic nor the Republican producers and directors of this stage-play have a clue that we are sick-to-death of this continuing farce. It also appears that what is good for the country is not an element of this equation.

Let’s boil it all down for them shall we? The President is pushing hardest for higher taxes for the uber rich while the Republicans are pushing hardest for a balanced budget amendment for the constitution. Neither side appears to be willing to give an inch.

Now let’s look at some of the details:

Higher taxes for the richest few percent of our citizens is not an unreasonable request. It is not as if this would take food from their families tables or put them out on the street. More likely, it might mean that they wouldn’t be able to purchase a new Lamborghini every two or three years. No one is saying that these folks shouldn’t be able to make a handsome profit on their investments. After all, it is these investments that create jobs for the rest of us. All that is being suggested is that they be satisfied with handsome profits rather than obscene profits.

A balanced budget amendment for the constitution is also not an unreasonable request. You and I have to work with a budget for our homes and lives. Why should Congress be exempt from the same common sense restriction. Let’s face it folks, too much money and too many lives are being expended on wars for oil and too much pork is being inserted into every bill that comes out of Congress, all to fatten already fat corporate coffers and buy votes.

The politicians taking part in this poorly choreographed song-and-dance performance by both the Democrats and Republicans care about two things and two things only . . . feathering their own beds and continuing their ride on the government gravy train. They have become so numb to the greed and hunger for power that they wear as a slip, they are not even aware their slip is showing!

The bottom line is that something has to be done to reign-in the insane levels of spending our politicians do. Some sort of fool-proof control must be put in place to assure that the self-centered idiocy that runs through political veins doesn’t continue trashing our country. If written properly, a Constitutional Amendment might work.

As far as increasing the tax rate on the richest few percent of our population goes, well, that also makes sense. In decades past, much higher tax rates on the ultra-rich existed and that fact did not stop our country from growing or maintaining its strength. Of course, common-sense must be applied to properly structuring any revision to the tax code to avoid choking the goose that laid the golden egg. Like it or not, it is the richest segment of our population who invest in the growth producing industries that create jobs.

The real problem is that both of these key arguments hold water but political showmanship by both the Democrats and the Republicans is once again forcing focus to be placed somewhere other than on the needs of our country and its citizens. The drama queens who populate Congress are simply not bright enough to know that we are tired of the continual instant replays and over-acting... but, that is just my opinion.

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