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The Week in Review: Election hangover, un-Happy meals

Has everyone recovered from Election Day? Whether you celebrated the Republicans' victory or stewed over the Democrats' defeat, it certainly was an emotional week.

New Hampshire voters favored the GOP candidates in most of the state and federal races. This was a national trend.

Democratic incumbent John Lynch was able to buck the trend and retain his seat in the governor's office.

Were voters only looking for change? Not according to our poll.

We asked members - What matters most in the voting booth?
  • 90% said a candidate's position on issues
  • 5% said party affiliation
  • 5% said change
Curious when the newly elected officials get down to business? Here's a look at the legislative calendar, courtesy the Secretary of State's office.

We hope members found our Election Central candidate database to be a resourceful tool. Our job does not stop here. We will monitor voting records so citizens can be sure elected officials are standing by campaign promises.

In other news...

Un-Happy Meal
The most controversial topic on our Facebook page this week - the San Francisco ban on McDonald's Happy Meals. The ordinance requires meals sold with toys to meet specific nutritional guidelines.

Reaction to the ban was split. Here's a sample of the comments:

Kristen Duca: Parents, grandparents and other caregivers need to be the ones who decide when a Happy Meal at McDonald's -- plus the toy that comes with it -- is an appropriate treat. Not the government. We have to own up to our rights & responsibilities, the government does not need to make that choice for us.

Chuck McKenney: The govt is trying to protect the children of lazy parents who have no qualms pumping 50g of fat into their children on a daily basis. Your gripe should be with them, not the govt... the obesity rate is ridiculous.

Debra O'Connell Altschiller:
It's a bold move, I like it. It's about marketing "food" to kids, not taking away choices. No one is telling anyone what to feed their kids, you' can still buy food for crying out loud. Giving your kids happy meals are about as healthy as letting them have a cigarette every now and then...what's the problem? It's a "treat" right?

Bonnie Isabelle: I'll choose where and what my child or I eat thank you very much!!!!

What's your take on the Happy Meal ban? Respond on our Facebook page or in the comments below.

Thanks to everyone who participated in civil discussion on the LFDA Virtual Town Hall, Twitter and Facebook.

Have a great weekend!

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